Bug in Notes for Scheduled Payments

Issue: Bug in Notes for Scheduled Payments

Details to reproduce:

When I set a description for scheduled payments as you can see in the second screenshot attached they all appear correctly with all the keywords. But when they day the transaction is made then all the description are shortened and incomplete (first screenshot). I use this so I can sort them out find them easier later on. As this is not working properly I have to complete and fix one by one once the payment has been done.

Device: iPhone 13 Mini
App Version:5.54.1


What is the issue? Post some details.

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You could also send one payment :melting_face:

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I joined Monzo as I like the categories and budgeting features, they way it lets you control your money and understand your expenses and where money goes. Monzo used to be very good with this thing. Hope they carry on the way they did before when I joined Monzo in 2017.

Not sure what you mean by this, they aren’t going to go backwards.

They’ve far improved since 2017 IMO.