[Bug] Direct debit transactions still don't show that they have been split/shared

I’ve fed this back in app a long time ago and was told it’s with engineering but this is still happening :frowning:

Direct debits are not showing the 'shared tab` section when viewing the transactions - it’s super confusing. If I go into the shared tab and look at the transactions, it is listed there but clicking it from the feed it doesn’t show the information.

Is there any update on this?

Hi, just bumping this up as it’s a SUPER old bug

Might be worth @ing a couple of staff members directly? There have been a few hanging around in the Monzo Plus thread!


@albertmonzo ?

I’m sure this bug is over a year old now - direct debits show the shared section but it disappears after you split them. This surely seems to be a bug rather than a limitation?