Budgets and Categories

Hi does anyone know if the custom categories and budgets in Plus / Premium span all linked accounts? i.e if I spend £50 in my Monzo plus account and £50 in a linked account will the transactions roll up into the same category and budget?

Currently they do not. It’s been mentioned and hinted at.

Hi all any update on this feature ?

It exists now

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Thanks will take a look

How do I enable this? I have a linked AMEX card, and it doesn’t seem like the AMEX transactions roll up in the budgets?

Budgets and budget-reporting are currently available for Monzo-specific accounts (Personal/Joint) via ‘Summary’

‘Trends’, which will eventually replace ‘Summary’, takes into account both Monzo account(s) and externally linked accounts (Open Banking - Plus/Premium tiers) for reporting - but - there are no budgeting features in ‘Trends’ which deal with externally linked accounts to contribute/affect budgets. So far.

And to confuse this even more, custom-categories for Open-Banking-linked-accounts are only available on Plus/Premium tiers.


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