Adding your Amex credit card to Monzo


Can anyone tell me when you add a credit card like an amex to your Monzo can you see separate transactions and categorise the spending? I have a joint card with my partner and I want to track our spending according to specific categories like joint spending and our own work expenses.


Hello, yes, if you have Plus or Premium you can add Amex and categorise each transaction which then can be included in Trends and other analytics tools.


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@ndrw nailed it :point_up:, but there’s an extra consideration. Despite subscribing to Plus or Premium, ‘Custom’ categories are not available for Joint Accounts - only Personal accounts at this time. So your connected Amex can show ‘standard’ or ‘custom’ categories, but the Joint account can only show ‘standard’ categories.

If you now feel like this:

Then vote for the feature here (blue box at top-left):

No guarantees it’ll ever happen, but more votes keeps the focus on a feature that is highly requested.

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Thanks for the answer. Took a while for my topic to get posted so in the meantime I checked out money dashboard and seems to do what I want for free at the moment.