Budget lists

(Ricky Nos) #1

So i used pots for generic savings such as ‘Nights out’ or ‘Bills’ but also some pots are more specific.

Take my Holiday pot ‘New Zealand’ or my pot for my next gadget thing ‘Next Thing’
for each of these pots i have a google keep list detailing items and there cost. i keep finding myself looking at the pot amount then going to the list to see what i can afford at that time or how close i am to my target.

Wouldn’t it be nice if upon clicking on a pot you were presented with the option to add a list and amounts of items, and items on the list could be highlighted when the amount in the pot could cover them.

I think it would help for budgeting but also for setting goals and targets against specific user generated items.


(Murmur2k) #2

Totally agree - I would suggest a similar approach to how YNAB works… assigning your money to specific categories. Target savings for upcoming expenses, emergency fund etc.

(Wayne Tsai) #3

That’s a pretty interesting idea! I wonder if the first part is; a pot should have a “goal amount” and we can display a percentage representing how close you are to achieving the goal amount?

Adding notes to pots sounds like it could solve the second part of the problem, but I have no idea how easy that would be to add.

Anyway, great idea, I’ll bring it up with our team :slight_smile:


If I recall Starling do this…

(Murmur2k) #5

Sounds like you could take it further and add specific valued items to a pot…

e.g. Holiday Pot [£127 / £550 (23.1%)]

  1. :airplane: Flight £200
  2. :hotel: Hotel £250
  3. :pizza: Food £100

You could even extend it to allow you to allocate money to each item.

(#savetheseabass) #6

I sense pie charts :+1: