Shopping list feature idea

Hi all, medium term lurker, second time poster.

I would like to see a ‘shopping list’ feature, which I can’t really see at the moment (or work out a work around). What I mean is, for example in a pot for ‘gifts’ I would like to be able to list the things I intend to buy from it. I have a pretty terrible memory, and it would useful to easily see what exactly I meant to spend the £x budget on. I know I could write a list on paper, but it would be supper cool to do this in app.

Also useful would be a similar but more general thing - for example in the coming month I know I will need to buy deodorant, knickers, toothpaste, and a cake. I could open a pot for each thing, but that seems like overkill.

I haven’t seen a similar suggestion here, (which honestly surprises me, so I apologise if I missed it).

It’s not specifically shopping list but there was thread about being able to add notes to pots here:

Personally I think there’s better apps for this sort of thing than Monzo could offer as it would clutter up the app, but the extra space for notes for pots could satisfy what you’d be after and have extra uses?


This is essentially why I want a description/lists for pots. Not necessarily for shopping or groceries (I use a separate app for that) but just to make a note of what I put money in the pot for at the time of doing it.

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The longer description would certainly be useful. I would prefer to see something in list form which you could tick things off from, though. Thanks for the link to the thread.:slight_smile:

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If you could assign multiple targets to pots with names and the sum total became the pot goal then that would work. Could get confusing though.

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