British-Irish Dialect Quiz

Bit of fun for a Friday and have to say… it was pretty accurate for me!



Seems about right! (I’m from Essex)

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I imagine question 14 will have some… unique submissions…

“What do you call a small piece of wood stuck under your skin?”


It got me spot on too;



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Um… no. I’m Northern Irish but lived in north wales and Liverpool. Family from Yorkshire. Absolutely no connection to the suggestions :joy:



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Ha! Well done. Australia is about as way off as you can get, at least geographically. :sweat_smile:

Your map

Way off. Your answers didnt fit here at all.



Not too shabby for me

Spot on.

Also according to this I live in Scot. not Scotland but whatever :man_shrugging:

Mine was totally accurate but I wasn’t surprised, there were words in there I know I only used in my childhood in north Scotland and have never heard again since moving to London when I was 18!

Got some of the right region, South East I guess.

Lived in South Wales all my life, I don’t really have the welsh accent to go with it so this is probably accurate.

Fairly accurate

Grew up in Northern Ireland but originally from Somerset with family from N.I, Scotland and England, so pretty spot on IMO.

Mine was roughly right.


Essex so bit far out.

I studied there. I feel REALLY sorry for you.

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Spot on. I think as soon as I selected ‘daps’ it zeroed–in on my West Country socialisation.

This is great too (but he obviously can’t do the North East, or my birthplace Birmingham!):

I selected daps and it correctly put me in South Wales.


Auto closes on safari on iPad once completed but got Wales for me see butt :joy: