Bring back the old design!

I’ve lost count about how many times change has caused outrage and bafflement. It seems everyone moves on and forgets about it fairly quickly.


My app hasn’t updated yet!!.. I’m still on the old one… happy to send anyone screenshots if you’re missing it… :joy::joy:


I agree there should be an option to have the old navigation if we prefer as users.

It’s not that I don’t want to learn the new navigation I just plainly don’t like it. The old user interface was much easier to navigate and I hope this is something Monzo seriously takes on board as I would like it back


It’s not coming back


Unless that’s Tom’s big announcement :wink:

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I have no influence, but I’m waging a private war against excess toggles.


Ongoing and historical balance following each transaction is my No1 wished for feature, it seems a no-brainer.


Folks, although I appreciate that some people may prefer the old design, it won’t be coming back, so votes in this instance, won’t be making a difference. There are lots of reasons for the new design, and we believe that this will become clearer over time.

Having the option to toggle between the two is just not realistic. It would mean that we’d effectively have to build everything new twice, and I’m sure you can understand that that just doesn’t make sense.


I like the new design, however the problems I can’t get over are:

  • Spent today - for me this is as important as what I have in my bank.
  • All accounts on one view - I have joint account with Monzo. It’s nice to keep a visual divide, keeping the accounts away from each other.
  • hidden pots - create a pot move some money out of sight, now it’s in plain view (especially when I swipe across to my joint account… ^^^)

Monzo is great because you get the pots, so you can separate money aside. But with this new design all the pots / accounts are on the same horizontal real estate. Which moves away from the separation I was a custom too.

Pots are able to separate out monies from main account fund. But now all pots are always in sight. Previously my coin jar was out of sight (out of mind) this is why it fills up quickly.

Solutions anyone?


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I’m sure you do have reasons, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t problems with the current design that should really be addressed, especially since many people are telling you plainly that there are problems compared to the old design.


For sure, I totally agree with that. This isn’t a “push it live for everyone and move on” kinda situation. We are very much planning on continually improving it.


I’ve said it elsewhere but I’d like to repeat this here too:

I’m totally in the camp that doesn’t like this update.

The graph was great to track spending, now it’s gone.

The weird slide down the transactions to view your cards is less convenient that just having a separate tab for you card details coupled with the fact there’s 2 different animations as you scroll down further. has been cut down massively, all it’s links are gone and most payment methods have been removed.

The app itself looks more out dated and less up to date than the original (this was repeated by 3 other Monzo users in my office today when we talked about the update).

The app no longer ‘feels’ like part of the OS. Its clearly now a global app that’s lost the styling of something that feels a part of iOS. This is a major downer for me, it’s now barely an upgrade from my legacy banks effort, it actually looks less integrated than theirs!


Agree so much here. It’s clearly now an app shared between OS that doesn’t feel like it belongs in either. My legacy bank now do a better job at this than Monzo.


Although we’ve launched the new nav – and the old one isn’t coming back – we’re definitely not done yet…

There’s still some tidying up to do around the profile/settings screens (agree that that settings cog doesn’t make loads of sense right now), and exploring better ways to re-surface some of the insights that the pulse graph provided, but in the context of the new nav. As well as a bunch of other stuff. One of the core benefits of the new nav is that it’s a better platform for us to build on, and gives us much more space to work with compared to the old nav.

Thanks for all the feedback though, we’re listening!


One thing that really needs tidying up is the help section.

If you go to help, and tap three or four links to find the help you were looking for, you then have to back out of each link before you can get back to the home screen. If I recall correctly, it was the same in the old nav.

Hate the new layout there is too many pages to click through


Same here!


I work in technology and know a thing or two about UI and UX, the new app is absolutely awful! Seriously, my head started spinning trying to work out where my pots were and how to switch between monzo accounts and transfer between it all. I also had issues confirming purchases from websites that asked me to verify via the app. I know you wont do this, but PLEASE BRING BACK THE OLD DESIGN OR AT LEAST GIVE THE OPTION OF CHOOSING.




As do I. I don’t think it’s as bad as you are making it out.

Features are discoverable, it makes good use of both white space and contrast, and looks to be learn-able by the majority (I’ve not done any A-B testing or such like on this app but I can’t see why it wouldn’t be seen as an improvement over the previous design).

But that’s just my opinion.

It’s a moot point given they won’t bring it back, nor offer an option of choosing to revert to it but… why do you think it’s so awful? Yes it’s different, but if the new design was your first interaction, would you think it so bad? Love to hear your thoughts in more detail, as UI/UX is subjective to a point.