Brand new card

Hi everyone

I’ve just activated my new card as my old one expires tomorrow. Will I still be able to use the new card for travelling on the train? Also my sort code and account number won’t be affected will it?



Account Number and Sortcode won’t be affected and you can use your new card the same as your old card?

If the new card is activated you’ll be able to use it exactly like your old one such as: Apple Pay, Google Pay, Contactless, Chip & Pin and ATM usage aswell as online payments.

Your sort code and account number will always be the same as long as you’re a monzo customer. Essentially this is the same with any British bank once assigned the sort code and account number it’s linked to X person at X bank.

Kind of. It’s worth checking that it’s updated to the new details. It is supposed to be automatic but sometimes this doesn’t happen.