BPay type payment band

I believe the chips used for the pingit bands are prepaid visa, which I assume isn’t under the same new rules? The pingit card certainly is a prepaid visa. Keep in mind the pingit card (and I assume bands) are linked to a pingit jar not a current account directly. So it would be like linking a savings pot which isn’t the same as your current account.


Thank you for the considered response simon.

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@simonb is the star :mondo: employee on the forum

I’m sure he is in the office too!

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I would love to see a cheap Monzo wearable bracelet. Perhaps can do a test run with 1000 units? I would be first one to order for me and my daughters…

I think the reason this doesnt have a lot of take up is that people havent used it, the people who have seem to be the ones pushing the idea.
I actually gave up using the Bpay band as the website was a nightmare and i struggled to top it up! The idea of the band, or whatever you stick the chip in, is great and at the moment i still really only use monzo as a holiday account. I know that i would use it on a daily basis with a small chip on my watchband. Simply buying a coffee in a service station makes it worthwhile, but beaches and festivals it would really come into its own. You provide the chip, let others deal with the wearable, it only needs a pouch.