Bottom payment bar disappears are one payment

Issue: The bottom bar disappears after making one payment, i have to restart the app to get the bar to reappear

Details to reproduce: just make one payment and the bar doesn’t come back
OS: 15
Device: iphone 12 pro max
App Version: latest version


Disappearing for me, too, on a 13 Pro Max. It seems to be random, though - I can’t tie it to having done anything particular in the app (latest version).

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Happens to me on 12 Pro Max as well and I’m on iOS15.0.1

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I have the same issue and downloaded OS15 at the weekend and am a iPhone 12pro max user

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I had this bug today, nav bar disappeared straight after making a payment.

iOS 15.0.1
iPhone 12 Pro
Monzo 4.2.0