Missing bottom bar UI.

My bottom bar disappears from time to time. It only comes back by force closing and reopening the app. Does anyone else have this issue. It’s on my iPhone 12 and se.

The bottom is white where there should be a bar with buttons on.

I get this occasionally on iOS 14 too. I haven’t had it for a while though.

I’ve had this a few times just force close and it’ll come back.

This is happening for me too, i make one payment, and the bar disappears, I need to restart the app for the bar to come back.

This is it.

Telling chat is pointless.

This now happens on a daily basis for both my wife and I! Rather annoying and strange if hasn’t been fixed!

We are in iOS devices (12 & 13 mini) and are both running most recent update 15.x.x

Any fix or is this just something we will have to live with?