Bonus for transferring an ISA to Monzo

Received this earlier today.


Only into a S&S ISA :thinking:

Na, I’ll pass. Have reached my risk limit for stocks & shares ISA (even though mine are far outstripping my Cash ISA atm)

That’s a lot to transfer when other places offer similar bonuses for simply opening accounts.

I got offered different (higher!) bonuses, but not really up for the S&S right now.


Not quite what I was thinking when I said the offering wasn’t great but when the top end I see is half of what you’re seeing they’re having a giraffe!

how are you seeing these offers? I can’t find them in the app

Not seeing anything in basic app.

Is this a paywalled feature? With the bonus, I mean.

It showed as a banner above the cards on the home screen, same type of banner that tells you you have money waiting. There is also a biiiig dismissable ad at the very bottom of the home feed, and an item on the investments screen.

I’d guess they are rolling out slowly and/or just testing it, rather than it being paywalled.

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