£50 Incentive for switching?


I’m currently with TSB and heard Monzo are offering a £50 incentive for switching. Is that currently the case? Also, would having a Monzo account now guarantee me a right to buy shares when the R3 of investing begins?

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There’s no guarantee of this referral bonus :see_no_evil: it was being trialled a little while back but not many people received a bonus - it’s not still a thing to my knowledge, but if you get a nice switching bonus be sure to let us know :grin:

Not sure! I think there’s going to be a large enough investment limit to allow for many investors, I don’t think that being a monzo user is a requirement / gives any rights over a non-monzo user. If there’s a way to invest via the app instead of directly through crowdcube then it might make life easier for you :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:
Though there’s no confirmation anywhere that an in-app investment will be possible, it’s purely speculation at this stage :wink:


If I remember right, the second crowdfunding round required you had the app to pledge.

So if you’re interesting in buying shares it might be worth signing up just to make sure.

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If you’re wanting easy cash switch to HSBC collect £150 and then switch away to a better bank. They paid out less than a week after switching for me. Or try NatWest switch for £125 but paid out start of Feb so you’ll need to be with them a couple months min.

You can also have Monzo at the same time, and transfer money over for your monthly spend.

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I think gonabe good but when

At the moment, never. There a £10 new customer bonus being trialled but nothing bigger.

There’s a £10 bonus for referrals but no bonus for switching over on your own accord which is strange. I did switch over regardless.

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