BOJO as pm

Must be awful living in constant fear of the bogeyman.

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Otherwise all those cleaners with two or more jobs would be living in mansions, I guess.


god forbid those idiots get in charge

Rory Stewart goes against everything I believe in with regards Brexit but aside from that I do think he would be a very good PM

DId anybody see Lord Sugar’s recent tweet?

And here’s one from back in September… :eyes:


His inability to not insult other nations for a start.

His term as mayor was awful. He delivered one thing. Bikes.

Homeless sleeping on the streets increased significantly despite his pledge to end it.
The Water cannon debacle where he then promised to get blasted by one to prove a point. Didn’t happen. Plus the cannons were sold off at a great loss.
Completely missed his target in affordable homes/rent.
Increased police numbers didn’t happen.

There’s probably more but don’t remember.

Oh and Starling may have comparable features but as a company they’re no good. Dishonest and no better than existing ones.

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There’s a good Boris thread on Twitter at the moment to jog your memory:

Bikes were Ken Livingstones idea so unfortunately, you can’t even give him that.

Edit: turns out when you grab a link to a thread Twitter just disregards this and gives you a link to a single tweet.


This link might work.

Edit: it appears to work. I think you might have to copy the link for the first tweet in the thread for it to work. I’m sure I’ve been linked mid thread before though :man_shrugging:t2:

That sums up the entitled prick really. Get his name attached to something he didn’t do whilst detaching it from his shitstorms

Caroline Lucas is one of my favourite politicians, but I just read their manifesto for the first time. Now that is mince. Hundreds of generalised statements which mean absolutely nothing. A real shame.

The problem with the media (social or standard) is that they rarely publish the good that a politician does so we only really hear and remember the bad stuff

So that’s a risk. What is the threat to the country?

We are all doomed