Blocked from using my funds

I’ve recently had my card stolen and had to order a new one which is due in the next week. However in the meantime all my funds have been blocked which leaves me in a stressful situation over the next few days. Can this be helped, and could I have access to my money without card?

Also, I have a direct debit due in two days - will this money still come out of my account?

Thanks for any info in advance.

Your whole account is blocked? Or your card is locked?

You should still be able to make bank transfers and such. Have you tried?

But since your card was stolen, you obviously don’t have it in your possession so you can’t do any other kinds of payment.

If cards are blocked (as a result of them being reported lost/stolen) then yes, direct debits do still come out.

Hey, thanks so much for this! I’m not too worried about not having access as my card will come this week, but didn’t want to be charged extra on my next direct debit for missing this month, so that’s a relief! Thanks :blush:

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Is the card the only thing blocked?

If you have plus or premium then you can attach a virtual card to a pot and pay using apple or google pay in shops

Hey @Kelurshx :wave:

Sorry to hear that you’re struggling to access your account. We’re limited as to how much we can help over the Community.

You can continue speaking to our team through the in app chat service and they’ll be able to give you the most accurate info relating to your account :blush:


If it’s just your card that’s locked - it just means you can’t make any transactions with your card (in-store or online).

Direct debits and scheduled transfers will still come out just the same.

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