Biotropic Design meets cash card

Traditional bank cards are a rectangle with rounded corners. Their total plastic volume is capable of being halved without changing physical dimensions while introducing the concept of Biotropic Design ethos.

As the father of Biotropic Design, innovation is the fundamental aspect of training the world to think Carbon Negative.

Imagine a cash card with tiny stylised Monzo logos stamped through the card. This reduces the volume of plastic while maintaining structural size and strength. The overall reduction in volume means reduction in mass for bulk transportation. It also means that much of the plastic waste can be eliminated from final destination before it ships.

The fine lattice design will maintain cash machine compatible use and become the first bank in the world to make a “more eco-friendly” cash card.

Further to this idea, larger holes could be punched and filled with sustainable materials like bamboo. The actual design and manufacture of this is more complex but the edge would be plastic derived from biosynthesis pioneered by Lego.

If the “tiny stylised Monzo logos” are stamped into the card, then wouldn’t the same amount of plastic be used to make the card since a rectangular card would still have to be made initially?


It depends whether it is moulded that way or not to begin with

Google is fun. A nicely invented self-title.

Still no for this idea, but have fun with it.

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