Biotropic Design meets cash card II

Traditional bank cards are simply too big. It would be amazing to have a card that is conveniently sized to clip onto a keyring, slip under a watch, wear like a pendant or dangle as a charm on a bracelet…

Introducing the Monzo Microcard. The size of A mobile phone SIM card that can attach safely into full-size card for ATM use. It’s tiny, bright orange, contactless and perforated with the Monzo logo… to attach to your favourite fashion jewellery, keys, watch strap, anything and with a quick slip and clip turn it into a full size cash card to check your bank balance whilst abroad.

This size reducing cuts down plastic use by 80% and turns pretty much anything out can attach to into a trading device.

I’m a little baffled by this.

Apple and Google pay mean you don’t need to carry or use your card to make payments. If I wanted to withdraw cash with your suggestion I’d need to carry around a card-sized housing for the micro card, so why not just carry a full-sized card anyway?



Or how about we just implant something into our skin :heart_eyes:

I would say they are the perfect size for merchant card readers and ATMs worldwide. Would you disagree with that?


Whats the research you used to back this claim?

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Or simply do away with a physical card, there’s already been monzo discussions about giving people the option not to have one. I could live without one, I’d basically need to stop using Asda unmanned fuel pumps.

That would reduce plastic by 100%. However the plastic battle is not really about long life, it’s the throw away 1 use plastics like wrapping fruit and veg, plastic straws and cotton buds.

Bank customers are either Investors, or Borrowers. The Borrowers are well known for being very small. I saw it on YouTube, so it must be true.


About three and a half months too late.

Barclays are pioneering contactless cash withdrawals. Soon you will be able to do this worldwide. Imagine going to the beach and leaving your wallet and phone in your hotel room. With the micro card you can still do transactions as it is waterproof while keeping it inconspicuous, on your person.

I carry this on the amazfit watch :watch: as a back up.

Why would I leave my phone at home just because I don’t need it to take cash out or pay for things (instead needing to take something else)? 99% of people would take their phone with them regardless, so your idea is just another thing to carry.

Can’t help but feel you are just trying to wind people up.

Genuine question - what’s “Biotropic Design”?

I used a bPay wristband for a while but gave up on it after a number of attempts to get used to it. Just something else to remember, quite cumbersome and uncomfortable (the latter two problems could of course be easily solved).

I personally have no issue with the current size of bank cards and they all fit ATMs and card readers worldwide. If chip and magstripe readers become redundant then sure, look at something with a different standard size.

As for Google Pay etc, I rarely use it myself. Others do - that’s fine. I find it cumbersome to use and I never had a problem with low battery on a physical card.

Maybe I’m a dinosaur but I think the 86mmx54mm card has some life left in it yet.

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Having no battery, it would be safe in saying no one has ever had a low battery issue. Dodgy inductor maybe. :thinking:

I don’t think I’ve ever heard the word biotropic :joy:
bio = life
tropic = change

Life changing? :thinking:

This sounds like a dragons den pitch.

How much of an investment do you require and what percentage of the company will you give me? :grinning:


Yes, I’ve had one chip card fail completely but was able to use one of the others I carry. Back in the mid 80s I also had a French Carte Bleue on which the mag stripe completely delaminated, but again used another card until a replacement arrived.

And slots in wallets. Although with careful size choosing you could get 2 or 3 next to each other in a single slot.

Biotropic Design is the system of designing things without using fossil fuel inputs. Considering that by 2070 there will be no accessible oil reserves at current rates of consumption, the world needs to be considerate of its first for power consumption. Reducing reliance upon fossil derived plastics is a huge step in the right direction. Lego proved this possibility in 2017.

All current green energy systems are touted as being “sustainably designed” but they do not account for the manufacture of their parts being 100% reliant on fossil fuel energy. This is where biotropic design features. It is the application of key engineering principles that use alternative technologies, materials and transportation systems to deliver truly sustainable products that are usually either carbon negative or neutral by drawing on man-made waste, sequestration of carbon waste or byproducts of fossil fuels (coal or oil).

The single greatest threat to humanity is continued growth of oxygen combustion which at current rates will see extinction of most intelligent life on earth in under 200 years. This issue is not being addressed by any governments as it is counter to growth and oil consumption. The current thinking on climate change is based on nominal CO2 emissions from human sources which account for 11% of global carbon emissions. Astonishingly, rock and soil decomposition accounts for a huge 88% of atmospheric CO2 which is NEVER explained to the uneducated public. Global warming is used to tax people and make money for governments, not prevent extinction of life. Its all about the money behind every political decision but biotropic design is science and research to save the human race from extinction and reduce loss of natural biodiversity.

No; none and nothing. If it were, I could finance it myself without assistance, thank you.

Before a standard changes completely, a compatibility issue needs to be introduced. Think of the USB cables today from 1.0 to the current 3.3 spec. While delivery of power has remained the same, the connections have changed substantially.

In the same manner, reduction of bank card size to a quarter of the current size as the new standard requires cash machines to be changed. To encourage size change means backwards compatibility is vital and hence an adaptor for full size machine use.