Bills in personal account

I have been with Monzo for a while now and just decided to transfer all my bills from TSB but I think I’ve made a mistake. All DD’s are now set up but in my personal Monzo account. I’ve used this account as my sub-account away from all bills and family stuff just for me and now I feel I’m going to be in a muddle spending from my bills money.

Is there any way to set up another account (already have joint acc with partner which we use for food/patrol etc so can’t use that). Or should I just cancel transfer?


You can only have a personal account, a joint account, and a business account with Monzo.

You can only have one Personal Account. If your bills are all Direct Debits you can create a pot and pay them directly from there (so you keep your balance for spending and the bills separate).

Hi @Elaine30 :wave:

Welcome to the forums! We have a great feature that helps keep bill money, and spending money seperate, within your current account!

You can find out more information about that here!

This link ^ is the one you want. Bill pots are great, you can keep all your bills completely separate from spending (a bit like a second account)

Ah, phew. I had a panic there. Thank you :slight_smile:

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Set up a Bill Pot then you can click on the Direct Debit and set that bill to come out of the pot