Bill Tracker tells you when a regular bill changes!

We’ve added a new feature that tells you when a regular Direct Debit’s higher or lower than usual!

So whether you’ve been moved onto a standard variable tariff and want to switch energy provider, or you used the internet while you were abroad and racked up a big bill that affects your monthly budget, you’ll know as soon as the money leaves your account.


What a fantastic feature! I can see this helping a lot. Thanks team!


Nice touch :blush:

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Very nice, it’s the little things like this that really add polish to the product :raised_hands:

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Has this launched or is it launching? The blog post says both.

To help you stay on top of your bills, we’ve launched a new feature: Bill Tracker!

This is just one of the many features we’re launching over the coming months

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No it’s used in the correct context.

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This is such a cool feature was literally thinking about this the other day in my head and was like wouldn’t it be nice if Monzo implemented this and boom you guys have done it keep up the great work :raised_hands: :smiley:

I noticed it a few days ago ,but I’m on beta for Android.

Yeah I had this when my Three direct debit came out a few days ago! :slight_smile:

Two separate notifications, though? I already found Monzo’s notifications too many and too annoying. Couldn’t that be combined into one?


We’re working on it! :soon:


Yup. So with all my direct debits going out in the same day, it can get a little lost.

Great to hear. Is there any plans to make these type of notifications consistent in the app? Once you’ve clicked on it or swiped away, there is no easy way to get back to that info. I imagine it’s the same when you get alerted about going overdraft due to bill payments?


Is this just for direct debits? Not say, regular payments made manually to companies?

This is awesome! :tada:

I have a similar question.

Is it just direct debits or is it also recurring card payments (where the company asks for the credit or debit card number, rather than the bank details)?


Just direct debits for now, but we’re working on it! :soon:


Is there a way to choose which notifications we receive?

I’d rather have these notifications instead of one for every transaction. After all, if I’ve just made a payment I’m already going to know how much I’ve spent.


Yeah I’d love the option for transaction notifications only when it doesn’t sync with my phones current location

edit: nice feature by the way! :heart:

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Fantastic for those cheeky providers who modify your bill without telling you!