Bill splitting made simple 🎉

(Tim) #104


(Nathan) #105

Oh @tjvr you tease :speak_no_evil:

(Tim) #106

Yeah, sorry about that :joy:

In this case it’s something we’ve talked about, but there’s nothing right now for automatically splitting the bill on Subscriptions.

We are looking at making it easier to split the bills in a house share, though…


would love something like a direct debit, so when a DD comes in, it automagically splits the DD with my girlfriend. Obviously the set up process needs to be clear, and perhaps there should be a limit above which authorisation is required

(NM) #108

It would be cool design something using IFTTT.(I would try if I had access to the right tools :joy:)


Guess I owe thanks for the tabs! :heart:

Doesn’t seem to pick up on previously split bills for retrospectively adding things to the tab

(Tim) #110

There’s a thread about Shared Tabs over here :blush:

(Matt C) #111

Still missing the ability to add a note to say what the bill split is for. I bought some DVDs today that my partner and I both wanted and want to split the bill and just add a note to say what that is. Otherwise he gets very confused what I am asking for, especially if it is an historic split that he forgot to approve!

(Nathan) #112

It would be nice to have the ability to split transfers also…
E.g I have sent Sharon £10 for dog food, Ozzy owes me £5 of this… at the moment this isnt possible to do :-1:

(Jamie 🏳️‍🌈) #113

Why not just send Sharon £5? Or am I missing something?

(Nathan) #114

Of course I can do that for this smaller case but for larger cases this doesnt work… if someone non-monzo bought a dominos for 6 people say and i need to send on behalf of 3 people it could be alot easier if doing the bill split.

Also makes it easier for the summary/categorisation.

(Jamie 🏳️‍🌈) #115

I guess what I (inelegantly) meant was, if someone’s buying, and ultimately a group of people are paying back, why would anyone insert themselves into that process? Why not just let the original payer sort out what they’re owed from each person, and you just pay them what you owe?

(Adam Robertson) #116

Just had an issue with this - my partner split a bill, then realised it was the wrong amount (after sending a request). He couldn’t change it, so I declined. Now we can’t split the amount at all.

I mean, talk about 1st world problems but wondering why this happened and if there’s a simple fix I’m missing?

(Lancelot Payne) #117

Currently no fix at the moment but a lot of people have addressed this issue so hopefully it will get fixed in the next update as it’s really annoying not being able to adjust it and then having the bill become useless.

(Rich) #118

Hi there, great work with the app.
I have noticed a slight issue with Bill Splitting…
After booking a Christmas party and using Bill Splitting, the app will let you produce a link for contacts not on Monzo for £120. However the limit is currently set to £100.
There maybe should be an error message when you try and use an amount >£100 to tell you that the recipient will only be able to pay £100 without any notification that is should be more.
For now, I will just create a further bill split for the extra £20 for each recipient to get around it, but just thought I would flag it up.

(Martin Joseph McGranaghan) #119

Hi. Just tried to split the bill last night with a Joint Account purchase. However rather than the payment arriving in our joint account it was paid into my wife’s personal Monzo as she was the one who set up the link!! Is this expected? If so I do not believe bill splitting is fit for purpose for JA!

(Alexandru-Claudiu Antonica) #120

I had the same issue today and it was a bit confusing… Is this the proper behaviour of Bill Splitting feature ?

(Leonard) #121

With Bill Splitting can we have the ability to enter the price we’ve paid; it seems like you can only adjust the price of others and it’ll recalculate.

(Matt C) #122

Is it possible for payments that are sent from a bill split request to be nested under the transaction they are for?

(Paul) #123

All of my Monzo contacts have profile pictures but only one shows in the bill split list within the transaction. Small bug but my OCD is playing up.

Update. Is the payment meant to be updated once everyone’s paid me? Payees still say ‘requested’ even though I’ve received the money. Summary has updated correctly.