Bill splitting made simple 🎉

(Nathan) #84

@cookywook sorry for the @ but would be nice for someone from monzo to clarify here.

So will bill splitting 2.0 (suggested improvements on this thread) now be put on the backburner for a while.

Can we expect bill splitting to stay as is for the forseeable?


I’ve also been meaning to write about this following some real-world experience.

Despite using the bill split feature one friend simply sent me a bank transfer with the money.

I think you need to be able to link the transactions together. When doing so the linked transaction will appear under the bill split.

(Andy) #86

I’ve had the exact same. Many people just seem to prefer using bank transfers than links (at least in my circles)


It’s very frustrating!

From my point of view, it is most frustrating because incoming bank transfers can’t be categorized and it breaks the summary feature! Get it sorted Monzo!

(Sean) #88

Hit the nail on the head with this. A lot of my requests with bill splitting are really just workarounds to get Summary to work how I expect it to (i.e. Be reflective of my spending)

(Jai Sullivan) #89

If you need to enter card details to pay via then it’s a no brainer, bank transfer is easier for most people. works really well though if the other party has Apple Pay set up. Just a few taps and it’s done.

(Tom) #90

Plus, if it’s your mates, chances are they’ve already got you set up with their bank for a bank transfer, so it’s nice and easy for them.

Bill splitting is a nice idea in theory, but I personally can’t see any occasions where I’d use it.

(Nathan Steer) #91

For one of my friends, it wasn’t so much the entering the card number that he cared about, it was just that he had to do the verified by Visa process which he couldn’t get to verify :joy:

(Andy) #92

Basically all of this is exactly why I’ve struggled to get anyone to use over transferring it via bank app

(Neil MacKenzie) #93

It is probably a really insecure idea(in terms of mobile security). But I wonder if NFC and could work together somehow.

(ben) #94

If I split the bill the wrong amount, is there a way for me to go back and change the split?


I think it needs to be made clear somewhere that you can’t receive more than £100 from someone who hasn’t got Monzo.

(Jake Brewer) #96

I KNEW I wasn’t the only one with this problem! I cannot remove a split I added nor can I add new splits so it’s just sitting in limbo in my accounts now and I have to take payments from friends manually (instead of it being attached to said transaction). The ability is what I would expect as a basic feature. I agree with most on here, whilst I still love Monzo often it feels as if you guys are releasing these ‘features’ without fully being tested. Surely this would be a typical capability of splitting a bill?

(Jamie 🏳️‍🌈) #97

Where does it ‘sit’ in the app? I’ve never invoked this function.

(Jake Brewer) #98

Within the transaction it’s attached to, under ‘Split bill’.


Any idea when Bill splitting is going to be updated so that I can add a non Monzo user?

(James) #100

Is it possible to edit the name of non-Monzo user bill splits to display the actual names rather than just “Friend 1”, “Friend 2” etc?


This and the ability for the app to register which non-Monzo user has paid would be great.

(Nathan Steer) #102

This just occurred to me… I wonder if you currently require at least 1 friend on monzo to get that next button :thinking: since that’s really the only difference between our screenshots.

Tbh, the entire process of adding a non-monzo friend currently feels very much unfinished and rushed in.


Can we have bill splitting for ‘committed spending’ / reoccurring payments?

I house share, as I’m sure many others do, and the ability to have bills split automatically would be absolutely fantastic!