Bill splitting interface

Dear Santa

I’ve been a good boy this year, so for Christmas could I make a feature request please?

My partner and I use bill splitting all the time. We probably should just use the Joint account but we run the risk of not having enough funds in there. We don’t like tabs because you can’t delete them after they’re paid up. Anyway…

Paying back split bills is cumbersome. If you pay a bill you’re then taken to your account activity tab.
You then have to go back to payments.
You’re then stuck in the Split View with no exit icon to come out of it, so you have to swipe from the left (iOS).
Next you have to find the next split bill and repeat (which is a random list of things split by and to you)

Could there be an option to mass pay split bills please? Either accept all and pay or a tick box. Anything other than the current UX would be great.


You don’t need to bump anything. You need to get other people to vote/comment/care and then pray!

You should vote for it yourself too.

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