"Select/deselect all" function on Shared Tabs

As a user of Shared Tabs with a lot of people on the tab (e.g. 15+ people on a group holiday), when I go to add a bill, I should be able to select the people I want to split the bill with.

This is much less hassle than having all people selected as default and then having to manually remove people (imagine you’re splitting a bill between 3 of the 15 people, you would have to remove 12 people).

My proposal would be to still have all people selected as default when you split a bill, but there should be the option to “deselect all”, after which you can select the people you’re splitting with. Once selected, this button would then return to show “select all”, if the user decides to do that instead.

Therefore, when splitting a bill, each person in the tab would have a checkbox next to their name, to easily tick and untick the people that you want to split the bill with. Currently the action of having to swipe to unselect a user is very inefficient when you’re removing 5+ users from the bill split.

Hope this makes sense :slight_smile:

Set the others who aren’t involved to £0.00 and the split should equal itself across the group.

Completely understand your point though, but maybe if it’s a holiday thing just add those specific people to a shared tab (unless you’re all going and some aren’t doing certain things)

Edit: or just tap split bill in the transaction and you can select those specific Monzo users to split that transaction only.

Sure, I understand there is a workaround (to just remove the people that aren’t relevant), but it’s highly inefficient for my use case. I’ll give you an example:

Say 20 people are going on a weeks holiday together. It would be so useful if anyone on that trip could pay for something (even if it’s just for them and 1 other person) and this purchase would be taken into account on the tab. Then, at the end of the trip all purchases would have been included in the splitting logic, reducing the amount of unnecessary transfers when settling up at the end of the holiday.

Obviously I’m aware you can currently do this, but it’s so laboursome to have to remove 18 people from the bill split if you only want to split a bill with one or two of the people on the trip.

This is the only feature of Tricount/Splitwise that is more efficient than Monzo’s Shared Tabs - both of these apps are currently easier to use for large groups of people going on holiday together, purely because they have the Select/Deselect all feature, combined with checkboxes (rather than swiping to remove). For me this is the only feature missing from an otherwise perfect product.

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You don’t have to? When you make the transaction, tap split bill and just tap the people involved for the split there.

I see both sides, but if a bill isn’t being split with the 15 other people then personally makes no sense adding it to that same tab to keep it separate from those not involved.

I understand, but the point is avoiding lots of small transactions for lots of different bill splits.

If all 20 people use a Shared Tab for all shared transactions for the whole holiday, then each person only has to press one button to settle the tab; paying back everything they owe for the whole holiday in one click, at the end of the holiday. Half the people wouldn’t have to click anything, as they would be owed money.

Your proposal would mean having to send different people small amounts of money for different bills - for a weeks holiday this could be upwards of 10 small transactions. Why not take into account everyone else’s transactions and make full use of the super handy shared tab logic?

Splitwise and Tricount are specialists in this field but they don’t offer the ability to settle up within the app like Monzo does. However, where they are superior is they suit larger groups as they offer a select/deselect all button - this would indicate that this is a missing feature from Monzo’s version no?

I guess it’s preference, Id rather simply just share it with who need it sharing with away from everyone else :relaxed: