Bill split: Direct Debit Name Becomes Recipient's Name

Issue: a direct debit bill split causes merchant name to become person’s name in feed.

This happens with previous bill split direct debits too.

On the recipient’s Monzo app, the reverse is true - the bill split shows my name as the payment name.

In this case I am the one paying the direct debit, and who sent the bill split request.

Details to reproduce:
Bill split a direct debit, once the person accepts the split, the direct debit name may change.

I originally had the new Overview enabled in labs. I was unsure if this impacted it so I disabled the new Overview and the issue still occurred.

OS: iOS 16.4.1
Device: iPhone 12 Pro
App Version: 5.20.0 #898


  1. How it displays in feed. Before I split the bill, the bottom item displayed as “Virgin Media”. [Blank] B [Blank] is the person I bill split with. Note: the “B” person is their Monzo/legal name, whereas where I’ve covered the whole name, that’s how their name is saved in my phone. Unsure if this is relevant.

  2. When I click the bottom feed entry, the name takes about 1 second to change back to the original direct debit name:

  3. Scrolling down the transaction page, I see the bill split.

  4. When I click the persons name from the transaction page, it takes me to their bill split payment to me. Here, the direct debit name reverts back to their name.

Whoops, just realised this has already been mentioned here Bill split descriptions broken - although mine provides iOS and app version numbers :man_shrugging:t2::face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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You did a better job of describing it :wink:

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