Biennial (2 year) repeat option for subscriptions

I’ve just purchased a subscription on a 2 year term. The longest repeat option in Monzo scheduled payments is 1 year.

Please add a 2 year option.

Huh, must be only Android that lets you do up to every 10 years.

This is what we get on iOS

Can you screenshot the Android options?

The same options on my android.

I wonder if they can at most do 13 months. I know that direct debits are automatically cancelled if not used for 13 months.


It’s basically two drop downs. One with 1-10, the other with Days, Weeks, Months and Years.


The same as me or the same as @redshift ?

I do not see that!

I see similar options to iPhone ones shown earlier i.e. max 1 year.

Just to clarify, the 10 year range is for repeating payments/commited spending - the option you can choose on transactions in the feed.

This is the list of options for Scheduled Payments:

My mistake!

For me the options are the same regardless of whether I access from a transaction in the feed or from the scheduled payment list. Since enabling a repeat payment from the feed creates an entry in scheduled payments it doesn’t make sense to me that the options you’re getting differ depending on access point.