Better way to balance your money in Trends is here ⚖️

I hope I’m right in assuming that next feature is setting budgets then? Any rough timeframe?


Hello! To clarify this: you will be able to see the balance chart for the current month for your joint account even without subscribing.


Morning check.

No new trends still :sob:


Same! I understand why these phased releases happen but it sucks waiting.


Without wanting to derail the thread, I have a question :raising_hand_man:.

Having just reviewed my various credit cards, and having already signed up for an Amex Avios card, I’ve also decided to change my Barclaycard Platinum Visa to a Barclaycard Avios Mastercard (for when I can’t use Amex).

My Barclaycard Platinum is a connected account and all my historical transactions show nicely in Trends.

When my card is transferred / changed, what will happen to my historical transactions in trends?

My Barclaycard account will stay open but my card will change - will all of this be lost? I have no idea whether the connected account transactions are recognised on an ‘account’ basis or a ‘card’ basis :thinking:

Can anyone shed any light? I’m faced with the horrible prospect of my lovingly-curated trends data becoming meaningless very shortly! :sob:

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I believe they are on account basis so should still show



double snap


I am a chosen one!

The Monzo gods smile on me this day.

Have you been similarly blessed?

  • The gods smile on me (I have the balance line graph)
  • I have been forsaken (I do not have the new stuff)

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Initial thoughts: positive.

More detailed reporting: :soon:


I’d love to learn/understand more about how these rollouts happen, how the order is chosen for who gets it etc. :nerd_face:

And how I can increase my chances


:scream: U got a new thing before me!?

Look forward to hearing your thoughts! Yours are always great.


Sad times today.


Had to happen at some point, eh?! :joy:


For those that have it, what you running

  • iOS
  • Android

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They’re account based. Change your card on an account and the transactions remain.

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Oh this looks very useful, lord knows I need to keep better track. No sign of it yet, maybe next week!


still nothing talk about a slooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow roll out


So I’ve had this for a day - time for some thoughts!

Firstly, because most folk don’t have it yet, here’s my take on how it works:

I’ve lightly edited this to take away some of the figures in the app. Some points to note:

  • Trends now has two tabs at the top: Balance and Spending. Balance is the new line graph, Spending is the existing bar charts. There is room for others :eyes:
  • Balance is selected by default, but Trends remembers the last one you selected. (Excellent attention to detail).
  • By default, the filter at the top includes spending accounts: so your current account, connected current accounts and credit cards. It doesn’t (by default) include pots (except for bills pots and those with a connected virtual card) - but you can select those of course.
  • The line graph includes any future outgoing spending that Monzo knows about - but not incoming. I’ve the period set to the calendar month, and I’m due to be paid before the end of it, but the app thinks I’ll be overdrawn (to the tune of £1100 - ouch!)
  • Starting Balance, Total Money In, Total Money Out and Total Upcoming aren’t tappable to drill down - but under the last three you can tap “More” which will give a category breakdown. If you tap into those, it’ll take you to the relevant classic Trends spending bar chart screen.

And that’s more or less it!

If anyone has any questions ask away. I’ll post again later with some feedback on how well it’s working for me, and then perhaps some ideas for where Trends could go in the future…


This is very nice and how I was hoping it would be!

I hope this is the sort of thing they find a good solve or compromise for by the time it replaces summary.

The dotted line in the pulse seems to indicate some kind of predictive function. Does it just connect the dots, so to speak, between upcoming known payments, or is it actually trying to be indicative of how it thinks you’re going to spend?


It just takes into account actual known payments (I’m pretty sure but Monzonauts should be able to confirm).

This is a screenshot of me scrubbing over the future line in trends. £30 out on the 16th for a recurring bill.

I prefer this (a lot) to Summary’s left to spend, which tries to guestimate your daily spending, gets it horribly wrong and isn’t transparent about stuff. This is excellent in comparison.