Best Thing People Like About Monzo

Whats the best thing People like about Monzo

To be honest, I just love how modern feeling it is.

Before I joined Monzo, I was a customer with Barclays. Every single time I asked them to do something for me, I’d end up frustrated at how slow and painful their processes were. Everything felt so old fashioned, and I was surprised nothing was quicker considering how advanced technology is these days.

Monzo have solved all of those problems for me. Being a brand new bank, it’s built on modern systems that are fast and simple. I love how the Monzo app gives full access to my bank account, too - I always felt like Barclays mobile banking was a glorified way of checking my balance.


With First Direct’s Android app that’s genuinely about all you can do.


The community. :heart:


Feeling in control of my money!

Previously it felt like I was 3 days behind with what was going on. See transactions I had made 3 days later etc. Now I get instant notifications and know if anything important happens with my account within seconds.

The community is pretty great too! :+1:


This! Not just the community itself either, but the value Monzo as a bank put on it.


Real-time banking (instant account updating).

Lots of other things contribute to the excellent overall experience, but if forced to choose one single feature it would real-time banking for me.


Instant notifications, helped me to manage my money better seeing your wages being paid in and seeing DD/subscriptions a few days before they are due to come out. Also the community is helpful and friendly love what has been built here.

  1. The involvement of the community is a truly unique feature of Monzo.
  2. Probably the best designed banking app I have seen

I like the simplicity of the App and the innovative ideas such as the community and unfreezing a blocked card.

Now we’re starting to see the mainstream Banks use these ideas would suggest that they’re useful and important.

I also like the fact that Monzo are rewriting what a bank is from the bottom up, with tech in mind.:+1:

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I love every aspect of Monzo, compared to Bank of Scotland it’s a lot more refined and personal. The customer service from Monzo is more personal whereas people from Bank of Scotland seemed… well… hostile. :joy:

This summarises all of my reasons and more. Halifax felt so clunky and difficult to get anything done.

I just like how modern Monzo is and how fresh it feels.

The holistic user experience.


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