Banking and contact options


My favourite feature on Monzo is the ability to seamlessly contact someone in Customer Services. I don’t have to email, visit a branch or phone someone.

The website chat facility is excellent.

Out of interest, why have the main banks such as Lloyds not offered this feature? Why so few options with the big banks?

Are banks peeking up to the idea?

For example, My Vodafone app has a good webchat facility.


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Can only speak for Barclays, but they offer phone, text chat, video chat or secure messaging. But they are rated among the worst for customer support…

The best thing about Barclays is you can sign into the app (thumbprint) and then ring them through the app. This automatically puts you through without having to clear security. Done this twice with basic problems and was talking to someone within a minute without stupid security questions that I don’t remember the answers to

I really like the webchat with Three and they are legitimately so lovely and helpful on it. With my legacy bank you have to use some dinky secure email system that can only be accessed on desktop. You get notified to your email when there is a response, but it’s secure so you can’t see it until you log in on desktop again :roll_eyes: I would love for this to be available on mobile. Doesn’t even need to be a live chat (which I have no patience for most of the time). I like how I can send a message with Monzo’s system and come back to it later without them closing the whole chat after a bit of inactivity.

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I have this with AJBell. I find it surprisingly irritating as well as their irrational love of paper forms. Oh well…!

I gave opted for paperless statements and communication but they keep sending me paper statements and updates. :roll_eyes:

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Frustrating. Pensions type stuff is strange.