Best Place To buy a Washer Dryer

Can anyone give me tips where to buy a washer dryer

High Street
Local independent store


AO through Quidco.

Might as well get some cashback

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At a local Euronics store. They are local retailers with the buying power of large retailers.

If you are in East London, I can recommend

Topcashback can normally give cash back on bigger purchase like this.

Last time I bought through AO via topcashback.

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I recently bought a replacement oven from AO. Ended up paying a huge markup to have them install it (as I have no clue!), and then got them ringing me to flog me insurance for it afterwards. I can’t fault the item or the service, but be prepared for the possible extra cost and hassle.

Agree that you should use quidco/topcashback if you can.

I bought my washing machine from John Lewis. Avios from the BA store and extended guarantee.