Fridge freezer

Where is best place to get a Fridge Freezer

Sorry to ask but this first time I have had to get 1
As I was given my grandads fridge with little freezer after we had to sell he’s Home

I bought my last one from Argos

We always use for these sorts of things. They are extraordinarily quick and fit in well with delivery times etc. Only problem is trying to upsell insurance afterwards but just car that number when they call!


I got ours from Currys/PC World. It was on offer at the time so I think was the same price as places like AO. Delivery folk were great (tall fridge in a narrow hallway with shortish doors!) and just paid extra to get the door hinged on the other side.

Definitely shop around though!

I’ve always been impressed with the speed and reliability of

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+1 for - often have great pricing and good service. Never had an issue and I’ve used them plenty of times.

Can someone do a vote on here for me please so I can see how many would choose between Argos and ao

I bought mine from John Lewis a few years ago. Paid for a later delivery slot so that I didn’t need to be at the new house too early with a new baby in the house, and they phone to say that they could delivery earlier, but were happy to wait until I got there. They were also happy to take it through to kitchen even with the narrow gaps etc.

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Just bought a freezer from AO. Com
Excellent service as usual but prices no longer any better than most other places. BUT they pricematch. So look around, find an appliance you like, then google it to find the best price, then either buy from cheapest or ring AO for a pricematch. I just saved myself £50 on a Bosch freezer at AO.

Do also check your local Euronics outlet. It will be a local shop with good prices and service. It’s basically a cooperative of local electrical shops who club together to get bulk discounts.


I used Curries or Argos.
Good prices, lots to choose from and best of all you can choose exactly when you want it delivered

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Another +1 for Service absolutely brilliant.

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AO are always good in my experience of buying white goods!

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Just bought a Fridge/Freezer and Washing Machine from AO. Sunday morning delivery, perfect.