Cashback Websites

When it comes to using cashback sites (Quidco,Topcashback), do you look at which provider pays the most back before making the purchase or just stick to one of the providers?

  • Yes - I look at which pays the highest rate back.
  • No - I have my goto provider.

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Neither- I’ve signed up for one but as a single person household never see anything to tempt me :frowning:


Same. I’ve had a grand total of 19p from JustEat. Larger electronics and stuff I’ve wanted have always been excluded in the small print :roll_eyes:

And most of the time I’ve found better offers on sites that don’t offer cash back :thinking:

For myself it tends to be holidays, broadband and insurance’s …etc

I’ve had £2,149 from Quidco over the years, just buying stuff I would have bought anyway.

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