Best booze deliveries

Edinburgh. I know they’re not UK-wide, but was under the impression they cover some other areas (including parts of London?). Hopefully they can expand, it’s a great service for lockdown!

Within an hour :open_mouth: that’s awesome!

Sadly not near me either :slightly_frowning_face:

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Found the Android version:

About to install it and give it a try. Hopefully I’ll get better results from it than I did from Drinkly.

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Anyone on here use the app “Untapped” It sounds similar to brew2you

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Is that for US?

I just went to their website and the first thing I saw was it asking for your number in an american format.

Don’t think so! I’ve got it on my iPhone and quite like it

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Thanks for all the recommendations.

Untappd is definitely the gold standard for rating beers and finding new beers to try.

My last beer order was from Wild Beer Co, I’ve heard they’re very good but haven’t had a chance to try them out yet (will definitely be finding out tonight).

The only other subscription I have is to The Wine List (if you sign up use my code PERKS_3G6H before the end of the month to get £15 off your first order), which I subscribed to after reading about it in the Evening Standard. The wine’s been great so far and you also get to learn all about the wine and how to taste it, etc.

Deliveroo delivered my alcohol within 35 mins from the off license in town can’t see drinkly being able to compete with them and BREW2you - just seen they crowdfunded recently as well