Benefiting others rather than ourselves

While many want to promote referral links for their own monetary gain, what about more benevolent promotion of links that may help others?

Perhaps we could have a thread with links to our favourite charities or fundraising pages such as those on Go Fund Me (e.g. ??

What do people think about that idea???


I like this idea. Maybe including some means of highlighting and contributing to on-off appeals in response to specific events too.
For example when Hurricane Harvey hit Texas, awful though it was, the news coverage here pretty much overshadowed the devestating floods occurring in Napal, India and Bangladesh that displaced millions of people and killed thousands.
It would be good to call attention to causes that are getting missed in the mainstream.

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I think the idea is great but that it shouldn’t be rushed into without a little further consideration (not the concept which is great, but the execution).

The things I’d consider are:

  • Categorisation: Presumably these links will need to be categorised, how will that happen and what are the categories?

  • Mixed Viewpoints: How do we deal with mixed viewpoints, some people might support one side of say a petition, some may support the other.

  • Ordering: Popularity based or latest post first?

Presumably, it would be a user-created wiki so I just think laying the ground rules first might head off any arguments later on.

Worthwhile cause though :slight_smile: