In app Appeal / Good Cause ideas


In light of last nights terrible events in MCR, it struck me that Monzo has an excellent community full of caring, generous and inventive individuals.

I began to think about what people who would like to help can do and I’m sure that when the Monzo API is released, there will be many hackathon ideas and opportunities.

For example, a common action these days is for funds to be created for those affected by such events and many turn to traditional charities, phone donation systems or sites like JustGiving. All of these methods of fund raising have significant friction and in some cases take a substantial fee for sending funds through the service (I appreciate that these businesses cost money to run and transaction processing is costly). Monzo will be one of few banks in a position to make such processes far more frictionless with reduced costs e.g. via faster payments. Furthermore, Monzo may be well placed to shift funds to where it is needed much more quickly and with far greater precision than the afformentioned methods. is already a great example of how Monzo can make the transfer of funds quick, easy and relatively friction free.

Just some very broad and high level thinking at the moment but I think such thinking is in keeping with Monzo, it’s core values, and the Monzo community.

Thoughts, suggestions and ideas would be great!

Thoughts are with those in MCR tonight.

(Daniel Rivers - Proud Current Account Holder) #2

Creating a custom which silos the money automatically to be later passed onto organistions/charities would be a neat way to achieve this?


@DanielRivers Yes - that would be a way to hack it together.

I think that, with Monzo’s API, it would not be too difficult to create a payment workflow that trumps most of the options currently out there. That’s a great start but I think that more innovation could be done to effectively target recipients.

For example, thinking on the fly again, Monzo could have actively identified users in the immediate vicinity of the arena the other night. It might be that the pool you @DanielRivers mention could be swept into the accounts of these identified Monzo users. The idea being that people would be sure to have funds for unexpected expenditure such as accommodation, food, travel etc. I suppose the chances are that people would have the funds anyway either in their account or via overdraft but it’s not really the point - it is more about giving a helping hand to others in the Monzo community.

All on the fly concept discussion.