Spent Yesterday?


I :heart:️ the spent today feature ( especially useful whilst on holiday with the wife and kids :thinking: )…

But I’d really love a spent yesterday, so when I wake up ( at 6am in my ultra bright tent :sunny:️) I can get a quick summary of yesterday’s spending…

Versus trying to get my brain in gear and add it all up…


Totally agree, this sounds so simple but totally logical! You may not always be aware of what you’re spending if you’re having a particularly splashy day then a busy night etc. Great idea.

(Rob) #3

Like many people, I have smart energy meters installed at home. One of it’s useful features is pressing a button that rotates between spend today, spend yesterday, spend this week, spend this month. And after pressing another button you can get little graphs too. It might be good if :mondo: could do this too, and maybe by category?

(ole) #4

Thanks for the feedback! We are balancing providing all the information you need with having a simple and uncluttered interface :yin_yang:. Having said that, this is a very popular request so we’ll look into it again!