Batch categorisation for historic payments

Yes, I realised right at the end!

So yeah, this functionality still isn’t available

But if Emma can build it then Monzo should be able to :wink:


Natwest does this as well just to add to the “left behind” fire


I don’t know how other people use custom categories, but for me unless I can make at least the last 3 or so months of data match up with my new categories going forward it renders the ‘feature’ almost entirely useless.

It was one of the main reasons I cancelled my Monzo Plus sub early because that was the feature I was most looking forward to for budgeting as nothing else really stood out to me.


Yeah, i’m thinking of cancelling monzo plus too for it (the export being the only reason I signed up). That and split categories is close to useless on a spreadsheet with it being just meta data on the last column

Just realised a normal Gifts category has finally been added, this meant I had to go back and change all the custom gifts transactions since I joined Monzo Plus manually. But it would be REALLY frustrating for someone who’d already spent ages going back through historic transactions.

I only changed transactions for the month I joined onwards so it wasn’t too bad since we’re only a few months in but if Monzo adds another new category in say a year’s time that clashes with one of my custom ones it’s going to be a ridiculous task to be done manually.

It’s crazy this isn’t a feature yet. I have been waiting for ages for Monzo to implement this. Shame as main reason I won’t get Monzo Plus.

Don’t you think it’s more crazy how little votes it has amassed in all this time? It unfortunately shows that it’s not that saught after and therefore likey not worthwhile for Monzo to do :pensive:

It’s also odd that you wouldn’t sign up to Plus as a result. Surely by holding back on this you’re doing more harm to your own finances rather than Monzos?

I say this because it sounds like you see value in custom categories, so you could start now and organise everything going forward. This is what I did and now I have more than enough data and you’ll likely get to this point too before this feature happens. There’s no sign of it even being considered nevermind worked on.

Do many of these get a lot of votes? I clicked on this but only as I happened across it.

Definitely would be a useful feature, even more so with the Google Sheets export now.

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If you compare it to the top 10 (or even top 20) then it’s a very small amount.

If people need to convince Monzo on their suggestion votes is the way to go. It’s why they added this functionality to the community.

I guess I rarely vote on them as they don’t seem to make much of a difference. I’m not fully convinced that a low vote on here indicates that it doesn’t have mass appeal.

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Some things I’m sure they’ll add without votes, but it’s a good indication of what is/isn’t wanted.

When you look at the top voted things, they are talked about all the time as things people want.

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True. Though I think there are some things that might be suited to Plus/Premium members, and I think that the adding of your own categories is the catalyst for this kind of request - the numbers will be fairly low for that overall so the votes likely won’t go up.

I think that given some people are paying up to £15 a month for features that, generally, make this feature super useful, a little bit of time to implement it would be good.

It’s not life changing, but it would be very good and useful for particularly Plus/Premium members.


I decided just to build my own spreadsheet and handle it that way.

I bought it for the google sheets export because I wanted it to make my life easier, and then it just felt like a half built solution.

From not being able to modify all previous purchases to split categories appearing on one row as meta data. Meant I had to do a lot of manipulating to get it to work how I wanted, and if I was going to do that anyway, figured why pay for the privilege?

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I agree and I didn’t bother going back to correct mine for more than a year or so.

Do I want this implemented, yes I do. Do I want it implemented if it means resources coming from pot to pot improvements or subscriptions from pots or virtual cards from pots, absolutely not!

I would agree, but that’s sort of not what this is about. The thread is merely saying “this is what we want”, it’s for Monzo to delegate their resources.

If the question was “this is what I want AND here are the things I would forego for it to happen” I would of course vote differently.

I find it hard to have much discussion if any new idea is shut down quickly because people assume it will detract from other projects, when in reality that’s unlikely to be the case and there’s no evidence to suggest that would happen.

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There is when you consider how many things have been “coming soon” and “we’re working on that” that end up being sidelined.

I don’t think there is evidence that they are delayed due to any one project, or side projects such as this.

To be honest I would see this as being an absolutely expected part of Plus/Premium with custom categories, so this to me is an omission rather than an addition.

I have long ago learned to ignore any “Coming Soon” from Monzo, sadly. It rarely means it is, and I think it’s used too liberally and far too early in projects.

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Just wanted to give a +1 to bring this topic back up, because batch transaction editing is something that I’ve wanted for a while.

I have Monzo Plus and have been using Trends as my primary method of personal finance management.
Having to edit transactions one by one can sometimes be very inconvenient…

Just to check, what are you thinking of that’s different to the current pop up that offers these options: