Batch categorisation for historic payments

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Please see the above post - with the introduction of custom categories with Monzo plus, it would be really good to be able to categorise all previous payments to a particular company/person in bulk rather than going through one by one.

My main example is tracking gift aid for tax purposes. I have two categories, charity and charity gift aid. I want to put those payments that are gift aid eligible into the right category going back at least the last 18 months

If we’re doing batch changes, I’d also like to add tags or notes.

(Also, idle wonder: could the Google Sheet integration work both ways to change categories or notes? :thinking:)

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I like the way you think! The lack of batch changes is making it quite hard work to take advantage of the Monzo plus features.

I can do all of this relatively easy in the spreadsheet, only to watch it not sync properly.
I think it’s fair to say Monzo plus google sheets export is one of the power user features, and bulk updates would really make it so much more useful for the audience it’s targeted at.

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If the Google Sheet integration worked both ways, I’d be looking down on Jeff Bezos from my mighty pile of cash. :joy:


Maybe just a field or two :rofl:

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Yes - and the option for updating similar transactions e.g if you set one fuel station one to “fuel” it asks if you want to set the other x amount of transactions to that too.

Note: My Natwest app offers this functionality FOR FREE so I’ve voted for it, but it absolutely should not be a plus only feature


Agree - the feature is neccesary for anyone using Custom categories to get proper historical value from those categories.

And just as important for anyone with exisiting categories - the need is perhaps more apparent from switching to plus though.

Snoop handle this behaviour really well - has a neat “just this transaction or all?”

But yeah should be a basic feature.


Totally agree with this! I would have thought new plus accounts should have the option of something like “apply to all transactions” that would be soo much easier, I know it’s probably picky but I wanted all the categories to match :confounded:


It’s not picky. I have my payments all exported into a separate dashboard and without historic payments being in the same category, my reports are all weird and have strange cutoffs

I’ve been playing with Emma and Yolt this week and I’m loving the fact that when I change the category of a payment for petrol from Shell for example into my new ‘Fuel’ category, it automatically gives me the option to move ALL payments I’ve ever made to Shell into the Fuel category.

This seems like a no brainer as currently on Monzo I’d have to manually go back through and update every single past payment if I wanted my historic spend graphs to match up?

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Yep, raised it here too. Completely with you on this! Such basic functionality and definitely needs to be done

Glad it’s not just me! It’s all well and good offering the ability to create custom categories in Monzo Plus, but if actually using them is going to mean hours of admin on the customers part to match everything up I can see that being a major detractor to the usefulness of that feature!

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Don’t get why this has so few votes, surely is a fairly obvious function.

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Maybe it has so few votes because it’s not such an obvious function?

@edo1493 good opportunity for your advanced search function explanation?

We already have this built.

You can manually select as many transaction you want and then move them to a category - just tap on the top right icon.

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Can you give more details on this? I can’t see anyway of doing this, if it is there, it’s not clear at all how to do this






And that’s as far as I can get because I don’t have Emma Pro. :confused:

Pa if you didn’t realise it @edo1493 is referring to his product Emma, not :mondo: :wink:

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Thanks. :sweat_smile:

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