Setting categories automatically to older payments

I am really enjoying the new custom categories with Monzo plus. But I have a gripe and I wonder if anyone else has faced it and how they’re handling it

I am setting up custom categories, but there’s no way to easily set old payments to these new custom categories without going transaction by transaction to update.

For example, I track my gift aid charity donations vs non-gift aid. I’ve been doing this manually and now want to automate it. Setting up custom categories is perfect. But now, I need to go through all my transactions and set this one by one, there’s no button that says “set this category for all previous similar transactions”.

So, has anyone got this issue and if so, are you manually setting everything or do you have something smarter that you can share to make my life a bit easier? Thanks!

Yes I have, and yes I am.

On iOS at least, the search function helps, but there’s no batch recategorise function, sadly.

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I only did 2020 where I’ve barely left the house in 4 months, I wasn’t going back any further!

A lot I did want to select individually, but when I set an Amazon category, it would have been really handy to batch do it.

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Glad to hear it’s not just me that couldn’t find a way! I’ll raise it in the ideas section, thanks

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