Barclays Partner Finance - Declined Application

Hello all,

I’ve just tried to get an iPhone from the Apple store through Barclays Partner Financing. Even though my credit score is good, the application was declined. When asking if it could be the bank, the employee asked around and came back saying they’ve never had a successful application using Monzo. Has anyone done it successfully? Could it be Monzo?

I used Barclays for a laptop last year…signed up with my Monzo account no problem

Yep, I’ve been on the upgrade programme since September last year using Monzo so the Apple employee is completely wrong!

Don’t see why it would be Monzo, it’s more likely to be some factor in your credit file.

It always used to be a Monzo problem to be fair. I seems they may have got round it in some places but it doesn’t seem to be universal from the evidence of this story.

A Monzo problem with credit applications in general? That’s not filling me with confidence - I might just have to switch back to my legacy bank then…

How long are we talking here? As I said, I’ve been on the programme for nearly a year without any issues. I don’t think one user warrants an issue still being present?

Also, Apple/Barclays would surely use the same tools throughout the country so I highly doubt it’d be an issue for one store and not another.

No, with Barclay’s Partner Finance specifically. Back in the early days people were having to take out finance using a different account and then change the DD because that was the only way they’d accept Monzo.

Haven’t heard it said recently, though.

If you’re that uncomfortable, I’d go for it. Banking stress in general is normally bad enough without those sorts of worries as well.

Works fine over here.

I setup the iPhone upgrade programme last September at an Apple Store in Manchester.

The iPhone Upgrade Programme is notoriously harder to get approved for vs standard Barclays Partner Financing on their website, too.

There was 100% an issue with the iUP application process not allowing 04-00-04 as a valid sort code about 18 months ago, but I as well as a few of my friends, at different Apple stores have been fine in the last 14 monthsish.

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I’ve used Monzo to join the iPhone upgrade program without issue.

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I’ve had declines using my Monzo as the main account during the BFP application so stick to using my fd account and then changing the direct debit afterwards.

Not for iPhone but for a MacBook Pro as well as AHF Furniture.