Barclays "freeze card" function

Had to snigger when I saw an advert for this a moment ago.

Did Monzo invent this? They’ve had it all the time I’ve been a customer. Just amused me that Barclays were making a big thing of it, like it was unique to them!


Halifax are making a big deal about contactless as well though :grin:


Lloyds recently added this too. They give options for abroad, online and in shops which is kinda nice.

Previously, they only cut the card off permanently if you reported it lost or stolen

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I do however love the ability to turn off the ability to use my card physically in foreign countries for my Barclay’s account.

Stops it from being cloned and used in a country that doesn’t yet have chip and PIN.

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HSBC doesn’t call it freezing, but you can block/unblock via the app

Awful, awful advertising campaign.

Awful, awful bank.

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Utterly bizarre. Can’t quite understand who thought it was a good idea to sign off part of their marketing budget promoting a feature that virtually all bank cards have.


We were discussing this here few days ago;

Link from Barclays website;

I’m sure a few people would like to know who signed off the approval to desecrate Ghostbusters as well.


Barclays seem to be making a thing about low balance notifications in their promotional video as if that’s a game changing feature :rofl:

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