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Have wondered that, but can only imagine it’s for easier brand recognition as Barclaycard is its own thing with its own logo, which I can’t think of being the case with any other credit card.

I do wish tho they’d integrate the Cashback Rewards scheme as currently it’s a separate website.


Virgin Money now has three apps! Current account and savings; credit cards, and investments.

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That scheme is not actually run my Barclays but by Visa Europe.

Virgin Money have at least one more app (VM Home Buying Coach) which also offers savings accounts.

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they used to be 2 separate apps - I guess it’s easier to have 2 apps with the same functionality than suddenly tell a load of people to install a different app


Does anyone have Barclays JA with blue rewards? Are the rewards even worth consideration?

I know Santander has cashback but the app isn’t very practical.

The £5 reward is cancelled out by the £5 fee however if you have other products like mortgage or a loan you can make a few £‘s from it. They’re supposedly bringing cashback rewards again so maybe some more gain there too. Also gives access to rainy day saver which is 5% instance access on £5k


Contactless Mobile | Barclays

" Contactless Mobile payments will close in June 2023

The Contactless Mobile payment service will close on 30 June 2023. You can register for Contactless Mobile payments and continue to make payments until the closing date."

I wonder why this is? probably costs them too much for no one to use it?

They rolled out Google Pay recently didn’t they?I don’t actually use them anymore, but I suspect it had a limited user base as you note.

It states they did, which HOPEFULLY means it’ll come to Apple iPhone

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You can already use Barclays with Apple wallet I think?

I mean for contactless cash - basically on Android that service allowed you to tap your phone to the ATM to act as your card, but it was Android only

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In 2022 they developed support for their debit cards on Google Pay but not credit cards! So after 30 June 2023 if you have a Barclaycard and an android there is no way to pay using your phone (already the case for the Avios ones). It’s quite a bad in this day and age.


That seems pretty insane

Yes there is, as I have been for two years now.

It does involve Curve though, granted.

Well, that answers that question. That’s a shame, it worked well-ish. It would have been nice if they allowed it to work with Google pay or Apple Pay too

All that money on R&D, just to close it down… I guess they’re the next Google


Some atms and banks allow remote authentication for cash.

I think NatWest has it - one generated code in the app and then take out cash with a one time withdrawal code.

It’s only NatWest brands that allow it as far as I know. Barclays was the only other bank with something comparable but that’s clearly going bye bye


They do, yes.I believe they call it emergency cash

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Just “Get Cash” in the app. Weirdly I only have it on one of my RBS accounts (the one I opened first), so it must make you transfer into that one specifically to be able to use it. Works at any NWG or Tesco ATM (As NatWest run the Tesco ATMs).

Have wondered why no other banks offer it as it seems like a pretty useful feature.

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Anyone tried to leave the Avios scheme in order to switch to Blue Rewards? I’m getting SP042 all the time. Support cannot fix it or manually change the rewards. Telling me that this is a known issue and they are working in it…