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Is it just me or is the Barclay’s spending insights in the app wonky? On iOS you cannot supposedly see the transactions that you do on the credit card, rather you only see your current accounts spending (on android you can opt to see credit card transactions split into categories).

However, despite this, some months I see the categorisation of credit card transactions and some months I just see current account transactions (including the Barclaycard payments). So the categorisation are not consistent from one month to the next!

I’ve noticed in my app there’s a Wealth Hub feature now, I know it has been mentioned before. I’m guessing they’re slowly rolling it out to customers.

The down side is that it’s not even working properly for me, keep getting a technical error when I click into anything within it.

Anyone got it working?

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I can’t see a Wealth Hub in my app, but I’m not wealthy, so maybe that’s why.

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