Banker's Draft - Passport Renewal - US Embassy

The US Embassy requires the following payment options, does anyone know if Monzo offers these?
The fees for a Postal Money order in the UK also seem quite high. 12.50% of the face value

Does anyone happen to know if the US Embassy in the UK accepts a US Dollar Money Order from the US Postal Service?

A Bank Draft, International Money Order, or Postal Money Order in pounds sterling or U.S. dollars are the only payment methods that we can accept for mail-in applications. They are payment methods that are drawn by the bank and guarantee that funds are available. We can no longer accept credit or debit card forms as they are not a secure way to transfer sensitive financial information.

We cannot accept personal checks (cheques), SWIFT transfers, IBAN transfers, e-transfers, certified checks, traveler’s checks, or counter checks.

We are unable to accept cash for applications submitted by mail. Furthermore, we cannot accept payment through our website, by electronic transfer, or by telephone, fax or email.

Any attempts to pay using payment methods that we cannot accept will delay your application until you either submit an accepted form or payment or schedule and attend an appointment to apply in person.

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One for in-app chat, any advice you get here will be anecdotal so doesn’t really confirm either way.


Oh the other hand I think the thread still offers value as the author can go back here and let us know how in-app chat deals with this, to inform future customers that might be searching Google or the forum.

Postal Order fees are capped at £12.50.

Monzo doesn’t offer cheques so I would assume they don’t offer bankers drafts. That being said, bankers drafts at UK banks usually incur a fee just like postal orders. They also tend to be a flat fee and the same price, or more, as the postal order capped fee.

A banker’s draft is like asking a bank to write a cheque for you. Some organisations may request it as a more secure way of receiving money than a personal cheque from an individual account. There is a £15 fee for each banker’s draft, which you can get in any branch.

Where do you see this?

On the Post Office Website.


Still very expensive given:

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They used to be cheaper but I guess its because of the fact they are less used in the UK nowadays so is a niche product really.

I’ve never bought one and only received them from elderly relatives when I was much younger. I think they’ve only kept them going because of this grandchildren birthday/christmas market and other very small cases.

Yes, it must cost more and more the less they’re used.

The original post looks like it’s deliberately going out of it’s way to rule out every standard method of payment in the country!

Lloyds is free so I may just do that. I will reach out to Monzo though!