Blank Checks ๐Ÿฆ…

Iโ€™ve run into a very american edge case where i would need to handwrite 5-10 physical checks over the next year. it donโ€™t expect this to be on the roadmap for most non-legacy banks like monzo, but something that would be helpful for me is the option to buy a checkbook or even some a couple blank checks!

for context: iโ€™m dealing with a government process where fees are largely unknown and arbitrary, handwritten checks is the only (feasible) accepted payment method, and not being able to pay on the spot will delay the process for weeks. iโ€™m using other banks that provide checkbooks in the meantime :see_no_evil:

Checks are definitely needed in the USA. Checks are required in many situations unlike the UK.

Iโ€™m sure that there are a few situations where a cheque is required in the UK. On the other hand, I havenโ€™t had a cheque book in over 10 years.

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The point is it is difficult to get by without one in many places in the country. Many government offices only take checks, for things like utilities, fees, DMV etc.

Sorry. Iโ€™ve just woken up. I misread your post. Please ignore me :joy:

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Simple offers check books, not sure about Chime.

Though Simple charges for check books, so I will stick with Fidelity.

The USA will realise weโ€™re already 20 years into the 21st century at some point, and upgrade from the slips of paper.

Even rural Africa is more technologically advanced in banking.


I can just see the Maasai warriors putting on a performance for the foreign tourists, and the village chief wandering amongst the crowd with his iZettle reader :joy: :joy: :joy:

Seriously though, it does seem strange that the US seems to want to hold on to such an outdated payment method.

Can you not just use a money order in these places instead?

You might be able to do so, but they cost up to $2.00 each. Many places wont take them any more due to money laundering. They want a personal check.

I ran into this over Christmas. I used to buy money orders to get cash into my brokerage account, but they wont take them anymore.

For paying a bill on the spot, where you donโ€™t know the total ahead of time, money orders arenโ€™t really an option.

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Lots of handypeople require payment by check. So yeah, money orders wonโ€™t work, unless they invoice. Some will if youโ€™re a known customer.

What would Monzo designed checks look like?

Hot Coral?

I am considering just ordering a pack of checks and see what happens when I try to use them.

Invisible ink.

Ordering them from who?

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Most likely Walmart or Vista print.

Though these Arbour Day Foundation ones are nice.

I think unless your are a large business then the concept of printing or ordering your own cheques is lost in the UK. I wonder if you even can for personal accounts? I guess it would be investigated by fraud dept and rejected if you tried :thinking:

When I think blank cheque itโ€™s when someone has signed it but left the amount empty. A just do it at whatever it costs.

Which was a very risky thing to do back in the 90s when we still used cheques.

Does it need to be on special paper / ink? Could Monzo provide a PDF inside the app to print off your own when needed?

Ah, in the US it is sometimes cheaper to order checks from a third party rather than your bank, or if your bank only offers plain checks. Some banks do not offer their own branded checks, instead referring you to a third party service.

What the OP means by blank check is checks which are not filled out. In the US when you pay bills online through your bank, often the bank just mails a check to the payee on your behalf, which is printed and filled out by the bank. This is because we have no FasterPayments system, only ACH. ACH is like a check without the paper. Usually only very large companies are setup for online bill pay where you can setup an ACH push payment.

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Technically no. A check is a negotiable instrument. You could make a check out on the back of a napkin, however it would be up to the bank to accept it.