Bank statements show cut transactions


Every time I create a bank statement (custom date or preset), Monzo generates it with some transactions cut in two pages. Is there any way this could be fixed? It gives a not so formal look for proof of address use.


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I don’t think a cut transaction would influence their decision so you should be fine - they’ve probably seen far worse too :sweat_smile: It does sound odd though because it doesn’t do it on mine :confused:

What if you export them as a CSV and then convert that to a PDF? You should have more control over how they’re divided by page then too.

You have to understand that there are still organisations that frown upon having online banks. I’ve been personally been fighting with people because they said I got it from the internet (especially Royal Mail for redirections). They state specifically they don’t want internet printouts. It’s not like they can know as Monzo would send the same, but the cut transactions make them suspicious.

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Looking at the requirements, it appears to state that in a Post Office branch they only specifically exclude “Bills printed from the Internet are not valid” when it comes to utility bills.

However, if they required any of those items, and excluded any digital ones, I’d be out of luck! With the exception of council tax, I’d have nothing else from that list that’s posted to me.

It doesn’t appear that the online version of the redirection form requires this though, as long as your debit card is registered at your old address (which it sounds like your Monzo account still is).

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The issue is that if you have two versions of your name, or have the concessionary discount, they force you to send it to Royal Mail. In reality, the Post Office just fills in and verifies the ID, but the operational centre of RM is the one who handles this.

Anyways, I digress. The more “perfect” the printed statement looks, the less eyebrows it will raise, and the more difficult it is for them to claim that it is an internet printout. That’s the reality of banking.

You can request printed statements from Monzo too if you want them to look more official.

I cant replicate this so perhaps add the phone you’re using, OS and app version so if anyone from Monzo looks into it they know exactly what to do to replicate it :slight_smile:

Your printer and its settings could also be a factor.

It’s in the PDF itself unfortunately.

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At least you have plenty of information and other options now to mitigate any issues in the future :slight_smile:

Don’t forget to add more detail to your first post also :point_up_2: