Bank statement

Hi, How can I get my bank statment from monzo? They are really busy to take my call…

You download it out from your app and then print it

Just search the app help section for Bank Statement


That’s okay, except some places won’t accept statements printed off the internet :roll_eyes:

Export from the app for a PDF/CSV, or you can send a help request if you need an ‘official’ printed version.

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Monzo bank statements don’t look anything like ones “printed of the internet” so unless you tell them this they will be none the wiser.


Yep but the help article explains what to do in that situation

They do if it’s a DBS check :-1:t2:

Sorry I don’t understand :confused:

Are you saying that the statements look like they’re printed off the internet if someone checks you’ve got a criminal record?

Good luck trying this with the home office…

Trying what? :confused:

I’ve printed statements and send them to the home office before. Is that what you’re asking?

I think they need to update their Help section, it tells you to go to your Profile and then find Statement History. Instead, you go to your current account card, then click on the blue tab which says your account number and sort code, and then you can find Statement History.

However, I think I have the new look enabled on the app so the old instructions may still work for you!

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The new nav is a labs feature at the moment so the help doesn’t cover it yet. When it’s stabilised and it gets released to all, updating help will be part of that exercise I believe.