Bank statements request from chat unnecessary

My husband and I had the unpleasant experience of contacting the chat. It was for a visa appointment and we needed a letter to say the bank account was ours and stamped statements to hand in for the consulate. I would suggest having these under the statement as an option to 1)request a letter that the bank account is yours 2) stamped bank statements request and for how long ie: one month,3 months or 6 months. Useful for mortgage applications and consulates.

Our experience was I had no issue getting these but my husbands chat consultant was terrible and still today 3 weeks later he has not received either meaning we could not get a visa to travel. This is a simple automation feature.

I’m so sorry you had such a terrible experience that meant you were unable to travel. That really sucks and definitely shouldn’t have happened. It is doubly frustrating to have received such inconsistent experiences. I hope you take the time to contact Monzo with your complaint and allow them to offer some sort of compensation. If this happened to me I would be gutted and furious.


I am not aware of any other bank that allows you to automatically get either of those things sent out from online banking, never mind mobile banking.

Your situation is a niche case. I don’t think most people applying for visas require these. But I wouldn’t suggest adding it as an option in the app. It’s just going to result in pointless letters being sent out, and stamping letters probably requires manual effort (ie a waste of time if people don’t actually require it). People should be required to contact chat support for it. With every other bank, to my knowledge, you need to ring them up or go into a branch for the same.

There are far more typical things that you need to contact chat to do (I had to contact them to setup Apple Pay, automatic verification was not supported). They should work on automating those better before focusing on uncommon things like that.

A better request imo would be to make sure chat support are better prepared to deal with these situations.


With Monzo chat if you mark the case as resolved and contact them back you will be assigned a different agent. Not sure what the delay is to have a case marked as resolved, but could be as low as an hour or something, pretty sure it’s certainly less than a day. Just contact back the next day and talk to another agent. Or ask for an escalation in the chat, perhaps.

I agree it shouldn’t be required, but every now and then bad support agents pop up at almost all companies.

Ok I get where you are coming from but then when you are in the Monzo chat and it comes up with the auto populated statements, maybe one could be “request stamped bank statements” or “request account owner letter”. Maybe this could help the chat team identify what you are requesting?


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