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I’m traveling to Limoges in France on Monday, does anybody know of any banks that don’t charge any fees ? Thank you.

I presume you mean ATM fees?

ATMs widely accept Monzo cards and let you choose the language to use. They do not charge to withdraw cash.

From the France travel wiki. Seems like it’s much the same as the UK. Big bank ATMs should be good.

Remember to not let the machine do currency conversion for you though - they will offer you this “handy service” and give you a bad rate so they can keep some of your sweet sweet foreign money for themselves, always ask it to let Monzo do the conversion, then you will get the best rate.


Monzo don’t charge fees for using your card abroad :grin:

They will however charge a 3% rate on any ATM withdrawals after your £200 free limit (i.e. if you withdraw £200 worth of Euros it’ll be free but any ATM usage after that will cost you a little bit of money) :slightly_smiling_face:

Make sure you take a look at these guides before you go on your travels :tada: They’re super handy!


If you are fine with the £200 per 30 day rolling period limit on overseas ATM withdrawals, then Monzo should work fine for you.
As above, just make sure to let your bank do the conversion (by paying in the local currency of the country you are in).

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