Driving Lessons

For those of you who can drive how many hours did you spend learning before going for the test, did you pass 1st time or need bit more practice after :thinking:

It’s been a while, and the rules were different back then, none of that theory test sat at a computer, you were quizzed on that as you drove…

(by eck, it were all in sepia, and we drove on cobbled streets past t’mill)

I seem to recall it was about a dozen lessons, then a failed test (didn’t notice a stop sign, bit of a naughty one, oops), then another 4 or 5 lessons including one immediately before the test (which was very helpful as it warmed me up so to speak). That 2nd test I did pass, with flying colours.

So about 17 lessons in total for me. I didn’t have access to a car outside those lessons, which would have helped.


Twelve. Then passed.

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4 paid for lessons , several arguments with my dad for his private practice lessons , failed first test, over confident , passed second time after learning how to double de-clutch the non synchromesh gearbox properly when you were required to approach a junction in first gear :slight_smile: …43 years ago …


Had around 10 lessons but went for a spin in my own car ever other night with the old lady…

Passed first time

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20ish I think. No car to drive other than that, passed first time.

I think the average is about 40!! Considering the cost, that’s a big expense!

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There’s an offer on at one for a block booking of 20 lessons it works out approx £21.50 ish per lesson when broken down, they do offer all these extensive at 30 or 40 hours but Jesus the cost soon goes North :rofl:

Planning on booking the 20 hours beginner offer and see what instructor says after to be fair, hedging my bets that I might be confident enough by then, it’s no biggy to have to pay some at normal rate after that at least.

I’m just arguing with the hazard perception mock tests at the moment, it’s a bit hard trying to see some the stuff off a phone screen but I’ve just had the brainwave of casting my phone to the TV in the hope that displays it better.

Success with casting to the TV, it has an option to switch to desktop mode so once I fired the app up I’m using it displayed full screen so more like been in an actual car, videos slightly grainy as not designed for a large TV screen but can actually see better

I passed my test first time when I was 17.

March 2019

I practiced by driving my grandma to Morrisons along with 80 hours of driving lessons with a instructor.
Small independent local one with a good reputation.
I passed with 2 minors.

Practice makes perfect and try and relax and follow everything your instructor tells you to do.

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I thought they had to be at least 17yo to drive?


I was 17

Minor faults on the test

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It took me a minute to get that :rofl:


That makes you a God !!

I’d been driving a while in my girlfriend’s car so it was 6 lessons and 1st time pass.

Mind you, I took it in Chertsey - so no hill-starts :smile:

The roadsign quiz at the end…
Two signs I’d never before that day seen (something about driving the wrong way up a one-way carriageway with a bus lane involved somewhere… & a black telephone on a yellow background…:flushed:).

Well blow me down, those were the ONLY two I’d looked at over breakfast that morning :smile:).

Job done (41 years ago)


lol not the first seven or eight times …the gearbox on the fiat126 was stripped , and panic set in as you freewheeled revving to the stop line …I do remember it had a choke and a pull start between the front two seats …

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It’s still hard-core. :smile:

Bring it all back?


brill , thanks … my mums had a rag sunroof , sounded like a flipping lawn mower :slight_smile:

25 lessons inc 2 tests.
Cheers to first examiner - up hill tight left reverse & emergency stop on a busy road.


Failed first time because I fucked up reversing around a corner. Had intensive lessons on that manouevre for a good couple of weeks - and then it never again was asked of me in a test :sweat_smile:

Failed second time because, I forget exactly. Might just have been a tad too many minors totted up by an exceedingly strict examiner.

Failed third time because I got the same exceedingly strict examiner, and I was concentrating so hard on doing everything right that after turning right from a roundabout on to a dual carriageway, I forgot to move over into the left lane when it was safe to do so. In my defence, we were going to be turning right at the end of said carriageway, and literally every driver around was doing the same. But rules are rules! So I failed.

Passed fourth time. Funnily enough, every other time I thought I’d done enough to pass, and this time I thought I’d been too inconsistent and had probably failed :rofl:


But to all who’ve relived it today, bloody good job we haven’t got to go through it again.

(“Bloody stopping distances indeed " :rage:)


Odd how a word or two on a fintech forum can bring back so many memories.

I passed my test on the 3rd attempt. Far too cocky for #1 and far too unprepared for #2. Then I took lessons with an instructor [ex bobby and a smashing bloke] which were £1 an hour. Probably had about 20 - mostly to undo all the poor habits I had built up.

Ended up Class 1 driver in a blue light job. Best days.

Thanks for the memory jolt @DaveJ.


P.s. My sister is a driving instructor now - lessons can easily be £25 an hour.